The Art & SCIENCE of Love

Gottman Weekend Couples Workshops

Created by Drs. John & Julie Gottman


Presented by Richard Boswell, LCSW

& Christianne Judy, LCSW

Next Couples Workshop: September 17th & 18th, 2022


Testimonials for the St. Louis, Missouri

The Art & SCIENCE of Love

Gottman Weekend Couples Workshop

Testimonials from past participants...


“The seminar was a practical approach to marriage and relationships that will help me deepen my relationship with my spouse. It gave me the skills necessary that we can apply in our everyday lives. I got so much out of it and would recommend it to anyone.”

“The presenters were awesome and very helpful! The information is very practical and I am excited to have tools to help better manage conflict while building a stronger more enriched relationship with my husband.”

“After years of discussing the same issue we, for the first time, have a plan to move forward. If it works, great. If not, we have the tools to help develop a new plan.”

“I’m really happy with how positive I feel and confident I am that my marriage will work.  This class has shown me basic but effective ways to communicate and listen to my spouse.  I think the instruction on how to listen without comment on fixing the problem is wonderful.”

“Even after years of marriage we discovered experiences from our childhood that created a gridlocked problem in our marriage. It is exciting to find new skills that we can apply in our everyday lives. Excellent materials and presentations.”

“The most difficult thing was actually the best. It was not trying to solve the problem initially but investigating its meaning. I believe we did actually solve the problem we started with or at the very least we have a plan.”

“We definitely needed to reconnect and the workshop helped us to do so in a very natural, simple way that wasn’t forced and didn’t feel like pulling teeth!”

“It got us talking about things we haven’t included in our relationship for a long time. I had no idea that is what he admired about me!”

“Interesting material that I can use immediately to improve my relationship with my wife.”

“I think this workshop is priceless! I was a little skeptical about how all would come together. But it did!”

“The format allowed us to get at the root of our problems, identify the real problem issue between us and try to find a compromise”

“The most difficult part was actually showing up- I was anxious about what was going to happen. My husband and I are having very difficult issues and I was really worried this would be too emotional and intense, and it was at first, but just a little, and over the day it was as if we were becoming good friends again.”

“We really got into the inner details of how to fix and find solutions and compromises for our conflicts.”

“The questions and methodology brought us toward a wonderfully deeper understanding of one another. Great Job! Not a moment wasted. I am leaving with an enriched life.”

“I have had experience in therapy, and in school (MSW) that has taught me many skills about communication and relationships.  My husband (is in IT) and has not had these experiences or training.  It was useful for him to hear from someone else the things that I had been taught.  Coming from me it sounded more like nagging & criticism (which it may have been).  I also got a lot of insight into my own behaviors that could be sabotaging our happiness.  (I am not meaning to say that I knew all the info presented already.  I definitely did not!)”

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“I really enjoyed the parts of the workshop where my husband and I worked together on rituals & practicing the stressful conversation.  Those will be helpful in the future.”

“Our schedules and young children make it logistically difficult to connect and this has been helpful to bring light to being more intentionally in carving out time where we can talk w/o interruption.  This also gave us a chance to discuss and update some of dreams and hopes for the future – we haven’t done that in a while.”

“I’ve learned some techniques to show appreciation, fondness and respect for my partner.  I’ve also relearned the importance of active listening.”

“Most of the day was positive and hopeful.  It helped me remember why we came together in the first place and emphasized the importance of putting effort into the relationship.”

“The ‘Sex, Romance & Passion’ part because that hasn’t been a part of our marriage for so long!  But it was a step towards bringing them back.”

“It showed us that we were doing ‘many things right’ but we needed to be more purposeful/consistent in our efforts.”

“This seminar provided a positive framework for us to move forward in our relationship, talking about things that we usually put off because we just avoided those topics…”

“My sense of what a relationship should look like was validated by learning the material.  I feel closer to my husband now because I feel he soaked some of it in.”

“I also think I learned skills that will be extraordinarily useful in my work w/children and families.  Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the Dream and Listening Exercise/part of the Grid Lock process. We got through a lot of content and deeper, compassionate understanding of triggers, core beliefs, feelings what we wish for – loved the shared dreams too, at the end.”

“We were able to understand each other more, reassure and find/recover our positive regard.

Listening (practicing via exercises) was very helpful.”

“I really enjoyed learning the physiological aspects and also working on skills to manage conflict.”

“Going through the conflict resolution was challenging but will be very helpful. We realized that it will take more time to resolve the issue we were discussing.  It was such a great start to enhance our communication and create open dialog.”

“It was successful in forcing us to address an issue that’s been present for a while but we haven’t addressed recently.  It has also given us the tools needed to continue to work on it on our own which we likely wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“Hearing/learning what we thought was the problem really wasn’t the root issue.”

“We were already good friends, but really needed help working through conflict.  I feel we learned strategies for how to de-escalate difficult conversations, how to perform a constructive post-mortem on a regrettable incident and how to move forward, respecting one another the whole time.”