Gottman Weekend Couples Workshops

Created by Drs. John & Julie Gottman

Presented by Richard Boswell, LCSW

& Christianne Judy, LCSW


The Art & SCIENCE of Love 2

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Next ASL2 : 2022 dates coming soon...

Our New ASL 2 Couples Workshop!

Our 14th Year in Missouri!

The Art & SCIENCE of Love

Gottman Weekend Couples Workshops


Completion of the original "The Art & SCIENCE of Love" is required

prior to attending this ASL2 couples workshop.

This comprehensive, science-based couple and marriage workshop & retreat is appropriate for premarital, engaged, married, cohabiting, gay, straight, happy or struggling couples.  All of the ideas presented to you will be grounded in sound and extensive research brought to you from the Gottman Relationship Institute. You will learn what actually works in relationships that are happy and stable.

~ No public discussion or disclosure is involved. ~

All work is done as a couple.

"The Art & SCIENCE of Love 2"

Next ASL 2 Workshop:  2022 dates coming soon...

The Art & SCIENCE of Love 2 couples workshop is based on the inspiring couples research presented by Drs. John and Julie Gottman in their books, lectures, and other programs, including The Art and Science of Love. Presented by popular demand, The Art and Science of Love 2 is your opportunity to take your partnership to the next level.  

Your presenters are Certified Gottman Therapists and Workshop Leaders directly trained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Richard Boswell, LCSW and Christianne Judy, LCSW.  Richard and Christianne are both Licensed Clinical Social Workers with over 40 years combined counseling experience treating couples.  Richard sees clients in his private practice in St. Louis, MO.  Christianne sees clients in her private practice in O'Fallon, IL.

Richard and Christianne will provide a review of the Sound Relationship House and share proven methods for developing effective problem solving skills, including repair and compromise. New presentations and exercises have been developed to help partners identify and achieve mutual relationship goals. In addition, you’ll learn thought-provoking information and research on brain neurobiology that can help increase your understanding of the Gottman Method.

Most importantly, this workshop will help you put it all together so you can more deeply integrate these new behaviors with your everyday life.

You will learn how to...

•  Increase conflict management skills

•  Foster greater intimacy

•  Enhance your understanding of repair and its significance

    for effective communication

•  Reinforce and expand the skills learned through The Art and

    Science of Love workshop and other Gottman materials

•  Reduce the Four Horsemen

•  Share Dreams Within Conflict (listening to your partner’s

    underlying feelings and dreams)

•  Process the Aftermath of a Fight

•  Use Softened Start-up (new exercises to reduce


•  Talk about current relationship issues like money and/or

    sexuality (tools to enhance these areas of your relationship)

Who Should Attend...

Couples must have completed the original Level 1 "The Art & SCIENCE of Love" couples workshop. Whether you want to build on your first experience for deeper comprehension or re-commit to your relationship after being “out of practice,” The Art and Science of Love 2 leads to a greater command of the skills needed for a strong relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should we wait after completing the first Art and Science of Love before attending this advanced workshop?  It varies according to each couple’s needs. Some attend within a very short time (a month or two) because they want to truly integrate the skills, and find the workshop environment helpful. Some want to try things on their own for longer, and come to the advanced workshop when the need for more practice arises.

What if my partner and I are basically doing ok, but could use a refresher? Would this be for us?  Yes, definitely. Couples who are doing “okay” have given us clear feedback that this workshop is refreshing and energizing for their relationship. The Gottman research and tools are rich and deep and more learning is always possible. This workshop presents additional skills and information that couples have stated help them enrich their relationship.

What if we made progress and liked the concepts, but had difficulty with the exercises at the first workshop? Would this be for us?  Yes. Couples at all stages have attended this refresher for learning the tools of the Gottman model. Here, we’ll present different exercises and additional information that we’ve heard has been useful in the learning process.

What if we attended a refresher workshop in the past? Can we attend again?  Yes! Couples who have attended past workshops say that this experience was so helpful for their relationship that they would attend again. A number of couples even came several years in a row.

How will this refresher workshop be different than the first workshop?  It’s designed to give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and practice the Gottman concepts with new exercises. There is more emphasis upon the development of intimacy in your relationship, and further work on the use of repair and the “dreams within conflict” concepts. Specific subjects include money, sex and intimacy, and interpersonal neurobiology.

What to expect...

The Art and Science of Love Workshop is designed to strengthen your relationship through engaging presentations and skill building exercises that are grounded in research.  Richard and Christianne will share many humorous stories, film clips and role plays.  During the first day, you will learn how to build and maintain fondness, admiration, and closeness in your relationship or marriage.  On the second day, you will work on conflict management while learning new and important communication skills.  All of the exercises are designed to address your real-life challenges and you will work only with your partner.  During the exercises, Richard and Christianne remain available to consult with those couples who desire help.  There is no group work or public disclosure.  This is an experiential, psycho-educational workshop for couples, and is not therapy.  The workshop is a terrific weekend couple getaway. At the end of the workshop you will leave with a greater understanding of your relationship and the skills to repair or enhance it.